For graduates of our university and the general public

Your understanding of our university will be deepened by building up a concrete image of the education provided at our university based on the materials made openly available in this site.

For students who hope to study at our university

You will be better able to determine your preferred department/research department by obtaining detailed information on the education provided in individual departments/research departments based on the materials made openly available on this site, in addition to the information about individual departments, research departments, centers, etc. provided on the Doshisha University website.

For teachers who hope to teach at our university

You can easily compare your own educational activities and the education currently provided at our university.

For students of Doshisha University

You can obtain educational materials not only of the subjects for which you have registered, but also of other subjects so that you can use them for reference in selection of subjects and for self-education.

For teachers of Doshisha University

You can reconfirm, improve and enrich your education by making your materials openly available, and obtaining opinions on them from within and outside of the university, or by referring to the materials used by other teachers even if you do not make your own materials available.