President Tomoko UEKI

Based on the ethos of “Nurturing people who can combine their conscience with their capabilities”, established by our founder, Jo Niijima, Doshisha University aims to provide students with education that enables them to think about various things from a broader point of view. To this end, we set our focus on individual students without imposing restraints on them, respecting their free activities carried out under appropriate self-discipline.

We opened the site of Doshisha University Open Course Ware with the aim of playing our social role by spreading our policy of “conscience education”, which has been active since more than 130 years ago, throughout society, and of providing information to students who hope to enter our university or academics who are interested in teaching at our university. In addition, we hope that our students and teachers will fully understand the details of the educational process in which they are directly involved, and find opportunities to reconfirm and further improve the quality of education at our university.

Although the materials provided on this site are only a part of those used in classes at our university, we hope that they will be used by many people. Your frank opinions on the materials would be very much appreciated.